Saturday, August 2, 2008

Headed Home!!

Update - Jack just called me (Sami) and asked if I would post and let you know that he and Raj and Prema just took the teams to the Chennai airport where they said their goodbyes! The teams are now headed for home!! Jack is staying for an additional few days to teach a Core Class to the church planters. He will post more later!

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Bob Clausen said...

To all the team,

Reading the daily blog has been uplifting and energizing. There really appears to be a vision regarding the program which you just concluded. The daily postings which have been made by the team are usually so difficult for a new traveler to remember to do (unless you keep a journal), and are so helpful to folks back in States who would wish to follow along. Thanks so much.

Jim, I really look forward to talking with you when you land in South Bend, and go through reverse culture shock!!

Bob Clausen